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Having teeth brace is more affordable than several years ago. Orthodontic treatment used to correct teeth that are crowded, crooked, sticking out, out of alignment or have irregular spacing.

Portland Orthodontist will help you create a more attractive, much healthier teeth resulting better smile for you.

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Why Dental Braces Important for You?

When your the teeth are crooked and congested, keeping them clean becomes very difficult. If cleaning and flossing may not be completed properly, tooth decay, chewing gum disease can occur and don’t forget tooth loss can happen.

An improper bite can interfere with your capability to chew and speak properly, as well as causing abnormal wear to the enamel. If your teeth are protruding and your upper and lower teeth don’t come along comfortably, malocclusion or a bad bite, problems also may happen.

Consequently, by keeping your teeth in the correct position and allowing better dental hygiene, your smile will look great. After having dental brace treatment it helps you keep your teeth enamel, gums and oral cavity healthy. There is evidence that the periodontal infections caused by poor oral hygiene can enter into the blood stream and cause cardiac conditions.  Don’t let this happen.


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Affordable Braces Portland Oregon – Braces Payment plan

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Most people socked after finding out the high brace cost, but at Portland Orthodontist we have the best solution for you. You might be surprised with the most the affordable brace solution we can provide you.

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According to the New York Times, the average brace cost is between $3,000 and $7,000.

These different prices depends on the type of braces and the time of the treatment. It’s best to get get a treatment earlier so you can lower the cost. Different payment plans are available to save more money.

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What About Dental Insurance? Well, not all dental plans cover brace treatment, so call your insurance company and ask for details. Check their policies first.

If you haven’t got a dental insurance yet, but looking for a new one, try to find one that do cover orthodontic treatments. Some Plans do cover 50 percent of the brace cost. This can reduce your cost by half. Such a great pocket and teeth relief!

If getting a dental insurance is not an option, you can try to get dental discount programs that can give you savings up to 20 percent on braces.

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Pay with Zero Interest Rate Credit Cards and Find out other Payment Plans

Some orthodontic offices offer discounts if you pay the entire bill up front. Try to get a credit that can give you zero interest for 3 – 6 months so you can complete the payment without using your own money. Basically you are borrowing money from the bank at zero interest rate. But make sure you pay back your credit card on time.

You can also get a rebate credit card that offers points or cash back for purchases. Consider the rebate points as your discount.

Finally, most orthodontist offices do offer financing options. Compare their interest rate and with your credit card’s rate. If the orthodontist’s payment plan will save you money in interest, go with it.

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Don’t Forget Flexible Spending Accounts

If your company offers this benefit, maximize the amount allowed into your flexible spending account (FSA). As you know the money put into this account is not taxed. Use these funds to pay for your brace treatment that is not covered by the insurance. Consider this as an expense or deductible.

What Are Long-Term Benefits of Getting Dental Braces At Portland

  • Improve your appearance: Straight teeth improve the smile and facial appearance. This is good for self esteem and improved confidence.
  • Better oral health: Straighter teeth are easier to clean reducing the chance of cavities and gum recession. It also reduces the likelihood of fractures and gum recession.
  • Reduces grinding and clenching. Getting a brace treatment improves the ability to chew and reduces jaw pain. It also reduces difficulty in producing certain sounds.