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Invisalign Deals Coupons, Braces Cost Portland Oregon –

Get the best deals for invisalign here at Portland Orthodontist. Invisalign is a more comfortable way to get teeth straightening than the old fashion metal braces.

invisalign deals

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What you can expect from Orthodontic Portland, OR

  • This offer includes a complete Invisalign orthodontic treatment
  • Orthodontic exam with dental moulds
  • A photo session and panoramic X-rays
  • The elaboration of a treatment plan with computer-simulated to see the results you can expect with Invisalign
  • Payment plans
  • A series of clear aligners changeable every two weeks to give you the killer smile you’ve always dreamed of (the number of aligners depends on the treatment)
  • Treatments performed by general dentist, certified and expert in Invisalign treatments

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Cost of Braces vs Invisalign

If you are like most people with crooked or overcrowded teeth you may be wondering which treatment type is the best for me: brace and a invisalign? And which is more cost effective?

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You may be surprised about the cost of Invisalign is more affordable than a regular brace

Getting the right Teeth straightening procedures doesn’t have to be such a complicated decision.

A frequently asked question is whether it’s worthwhile using standard braces or Invisalign to correct the problem. These two options are commonly explored by adults who wish to hide the fact that they have braces and make the process more inconspicuous.

The cost difference between the two can be an influential factor determining the choice one way or the other. Orthodontic treatment is not expensive as you think anymore.


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