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Teeth Braces Cost, Affordable Braces Braces Payment Plan, Portland Oregon

Looking for best orthodontic treatment and how much will teeth braces cost?

Before you get a teeth brace treatment can begin, orthodontic consultancy is always necessary. A standard orthodontic treatment involves taking for x-rays, photographs, and create models of your teeth.

Since everyone’s orthodontic needs are different, the plan for getting a brace will be matched to your needs.

transform your smile

It may be a single appliance like a space maintainer, a headgear, a few braces or a combination of some of these appliances. The treatment fee will be based on the amount of treatment needed.

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affordable braces portland

Our orthodontic experts discuss this with you before any work is scheduled or started.

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Brace Cost Portland, Oregon

If you are looking for an affordable way to get dental brace then our Portland Orthodontics give you the right answer. Just as every patient we see is unique, so is your treatment plan.

Some patients have very simple problems which require less time and appliances, while other cases are much more complicated and may require multiple appliances and phases. Rest assured, we have the most experienced orthodontics here in Portland.

We will work with you to get the best and most affordable orthodontic treatment plan so that you will get a beautiful looking smile again

The best way to find out how much braces will cost is to call our Portland Orthodontist

Gives us a call for a consultation, so we can perform complete oral examination, listen to your concerns, and explain how we will address your needs.


Orthodontic treatment is more affordable than 5 years ago.

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